Cyndi Monroe

Circulation Rules for Walters Elementary Library

1. Who may check out materials?

students-- parents/guardians-- faculty/staff-- community volunteers

2. How can I check out materials?

Come by the library and ask the librarian to set up an account for you. Students are setup and ready for check out, once they sign a library card agreement.

3. How do I check out materials?

Every patron, from pre-kindergartners to adults, is taught to check out their own materials using the library automation system. ALL materials must be checked out before leaving the library . If no one is at the circulation desk, please write you name, the barcode number of the material, and the title on a slip of paper.

4. How long can I have the material?

Students and Parents, for 2 weeks (14 days)---------Teachers, up to a semester (AV and Reference items are due in 2 weeks and equipment depends if it is for classroom use.)

5. How many items can I check out?

PK-1- Teacher's decision (no more than 2)
2- 3rd grade students ----- no more than 3 (0f those 3, only 2 can be chapter books);
4th & 5th grade students---2 books;
parents---- no more than 5;
teachers------ no limits

6. Can I renew or check out materials again for more time?

YES--- especially if you need more time to finish it. This also keeps it from being overdue.

7. Can the computer stop me from checking out?

YES--but only if: you have overdue materials; or you are trying to check out more materials than you are allowed; or you are recheck overdue materials; or you have unpaid bills-----ALL of these only need Mrs. Monroe's permission.

8. What do I need to pay if I damage or lose a book?

You pay what it cost the library to purchase it. Until you get it paid for, you cannot check out any more materials from the library. However, a payment plan (paying a little at a time), can be set up by your parents/guardians with Mrs. Monroe. This will allow you to continue to check out books.

9. Are there any fines or do I have to pay anything when my books is overdue?

10. If I find my book, will I get the money I paid back?

Yes, IF the book is returned in good condition. The library would rather have the book, as to have the money.  Time preparing the book for the shelf is valuable.
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