Kinderkid News

August 24, 2015

Dear Families,

Kindergarten is officially underway! I am proud that my Kinderkids have already learned many new procedures and will continue to learn more in the weeks to come.

Your child has started bringing home their daily STAR folder. Please initial the behavior calendar and look in it each night for notes and/or papers. Your child needs to return it to school every day. I will look in it for notes from you and/or lunch money. You will find the Snack & Events calendar on the back of the folder.

I will be sending a Monday newsletter every Monday. Please look it over. If it is ever lost or misplaced, you can go to my website at -click on the elementary tab, EL faculty and click on my name. All of our information will be there. I hope to add pics soon!

We will be learning our color words (spelling) for the next several weeks. On Wednesdays in Kindergarten, we will be wearing the color of the week. Next week is red. We will also start our Saxon Phonics program next week. Please return the SUPER KID personal page as soon as possible. We will make a class book from those.

Our class has our own "secret" facebook page (if you are not added to it, you cannot see it). If you will send me a friend request - "Kathy Ferrell Morgan" so that I can add you to our page!

I am looking forward to a wonderful and successful year!

Have a great week!


Ms. Morgan