Morris, Angie

Angela (Angie) Morris

Walters High School English Teacher

10th Grade, 11th Grade, AP English Literature,

& AP English Language

WHS: 580 875-3257

Conference: 2:32-3:45

Bachelors of Arts - Cameron Univ.

National Board Certified Teacher - 2007

Personal: Proud mom of three: Charity and Samantha both teach while John farms locally. Charity and husband Chris live in Weatherford with my two favorite readers, Noah and Alyssa; baby Hadley enjoys listening. Samantha, Luke, and babies Abigail and Grayson live in Blanchard; John and wife Whitney reside in Geronimo. Besides treasuring time with family, my interests include Bible studies, gardening, theater and symphony, and tending to my poodle Toby. And photography... my 6 year old granddaughter took the picture above, positioning me in her own little flower garden.

Lesson Plans

10th Grade English Lesson Plans Syllabus

11th Grade English Lesson Plans Syllabus

AP Literature Lesson Plans Syllabus

AP Language Lesson Plans Syllabus