Walker, Jeff (do not edit)

Jeff Walker

Oklahoma History Sept 25th-29th

Monday sept 25th - Begin Ch 4 Early European Explorers pg 90.

Do all key terms. Read silently pages pg 90-107

Tuesday sept 26th- Handout worksheet packet- European explorers and traders work in class due Wednesday morning

Wednesday sept 27th- worksheets due at beginning of class. class discussion over ch 4 section 1 and 2 TAKE NOTES!!!!!

Thursday sept 28th - handout study guide for ch 4 test study with partner.

Friday Sept 29t- CH 4 Test . Bring homework from another class to work on when finished.

Economics Sept 11-15th

Sept 25- computer lab set up foolproof acct take pretest.

Sept 26 - What catastrophic events do to our economy.( Hurricane, Terrorist attack).

Sept 27 Quiz over economic systems Traditional, Command, Market.

Sept 28 - Ch 3 Business organizations and economic institutions. write key terms sec 1 business organizations.

Sept 29- discuss ch 3 sec 1 business organizations take notes.